Incentives & Rebate Programs

Save on Propane Equipment and Appliances!

Propane products are already proven to save money...but you may be able to save even more when you apply for our incentive programs. Through the VA Propane Research and Education Foundation (VAPREF), VAPGA is able to offer both Safe Appliance Rebates and Autogas Vehicle Rebates. There are a finite number of rebates each year and they are awarded on a first-come basis.

Safe Appliance Rebates:

The safe appliance installation rebate program offer's rebates based upon installation of the following approved propane-fueled appliances:
-$300 for propane clothes dryer or cooktop range
-$300 for vented propane heater and wall furnace
-$300 for propane water heater, gas pack (must be at least 40,000btu and 90+% efficient. For hybrid heating systems - dual fuel system must include propane)
-$300 for propane-fueled residential generator (7kW-60kW)

*For installations in existing homes, the new propane appliance must replace an existing electric or natural gas appliance. Both tank style and tankless water heaters are eligible.

Only Virginia propane marketers are eligible to participate. The program is available to VAPGA members and non-members alike.

2023 Rebate Guidelines & Application

Autogas Vehicle Rebates:

Autogas vehicle rebates are available for $2,500 per vehicle, pending approval of application and completion of an initial survey and final survey. Virginia propane customers who purchase a new propane vehicle or convert an existing vehicle with a propane system are eligible for this rebate. Propane companies and their employees are also eligible to receive rebates.

2023 Propane Vehicle Rebate Guidelines & Application

Please contact Tami Guthrie via email or (804) 249-2232 for more information about our rebate programs.

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) also offers a variety of incentive and rebate programs for builders, farmers, and landscape contractors. Visit the PERC website for additional information.